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About Us


My Creative Offerings

 I love making  Pottery, Original paintings, Prints, and Note cards starring the adorable Pug. I have striven to give you the best quality on all of the articles I create, it is important to me as a Pug lover myself to represent the breed in a light hearted yet fine art manner. 

 In addition to my Pug inspired items I am happy to offer a selection of Pottery, Fine Art  and Photography that can be appreciated by all. All of the items on this website are made by hand by me, none of my items are mass produced or commercially manufactured. 


More than Just a Store


Since I started selling my little drawings in December of 1999 I have been surprised and delighted by all the wonderful responses I have received from many of you. I am pleased to state that Pug owned people are a special breed themselves and I want you to know I enjoy every email that we exchange. I am always trying to expand my little shop with additional items created to entice the Pug lover in all of us. I hope over time to write additional stories and create other such items that will enhance the breed that Aphrodite is a part of and give all the Pug owned people out there a place where they can get Pug items that they know were created by someone that loves Pugs as much as they do.


Our Creative Team

 My name is Terry Buffington and I am a professional artist. Along with doing commercial art projects for businesses I sketch my Pugs, Aphrodite, Persephone and Pandora, Gaia, Calliope and Mercury doing all the wonderful cute goofy mysterious things Pugs do on a daily basis and there sure are a lot of them aren't there? 

The Artful Pug